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Today every business needs content to capture leads.

Now that content marketing has taken off, 9 out of 10 businesses today are serving up posts and tweets as if they were so many cheese straws and crab salad canapés at a cocktail party.

But after an hour of nibbles, most guests, their stomachs growling, are ready for something more filling, like meat and potatoes, i.e., a substantial, relevant, and useful ebook or guide as a downloadable offer to boost customer engagement with their brand.

People hire me to prepare the meals—the midfunnel content that converts your occasional blog reader or casual site visitor into a client.

I also create the content for large, multilayered, enterprise websites. And I ghostwrite executive-level articles, op-eds, and Letters to the Editor that only a seriously experienced writer can deliver.

Take a look at my portfolio and client list. You’ll find a fair number of name brand organizations there. But what’s more important than who they are is what I’ve learned by working with them. And that’s the valuable expertise I bring to you.