Or are you in the 60%—that's right, 60%— of small businesses still invisible to the 40% of the world's population with web access?

Then it's time to launch a website. (Or relaunch your old one—the one that couldn't catch a fly.) 

To market effectively today, every business and nonprofit, no matter how small, needs a relevant and useful website that's continually refreshed with new photos, video, articles, and blogs if you want to be seen by the search engines and by searching prospects.

LauraLongley.com can provide you with the strategy, website, and content you need to tell your story and get it to the right audience at the right time at the right price for your budget.

So no more excuses: Let's get started.

We believe in the power of visuals—whether that's video, photography, illustration, charts, smart art, infographics, you name it.  Visual images tell stories just as powerfully as the most compelling words. You'll discover that each banner image on this site is more than an illustration of the words. To learn the story behind it, click on the link to our blog on The Power of Visual Storytelling." Enjoy!