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Mosby Heritage Area Association

Engaging Younger audiences with Colorful stories, Photo Galleries, Quizzes, Maps, and More

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Smith & Pugh, PLC

Illustrating a law firm's practice areas with a banner gallery and introducing the partners with video FAQs

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Cochran's Stone Masonry

case studies and Sarah Huntington's photography spotlight the consummate craftsmanship of Allen Cochran

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The Lincoln Studios

Launching a team of documentary filmmakers with a comprehensive, mobile responsive site

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Friends of Thomas Balch Library

Building a flexible new platform, organizing extensive content, and making the most of arresting archival images


Starting with an antiquated platform requiring complex coding to accommodate simple changes, we created a content-rich but easy-to-update Squarespace site with responsive design. One of the site's many resource pages, below, illustrates our use of typography to indicate levels of information and links. Historic images from Thomas Balch Library's archives serve as banners for site sections.

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Huntington Resiliency Training

an online presence for a new professional enterprise

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Carol E. Harkrader, M.D.

     a Client's Site with Responsive Design and new images by sarah huntington photography



Douglas C. Whitesell Antique Clock Restoration

in the works: Creating an online presence for a master clocksmith with photography by Sarah Huntington


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