Whatever your business or field of work—from health care to historic preservation, financial planning to estate planning, arts to aquaponics—it's likely that Laura Longley has researched and written about it. Here you'll find links to a few recent blogs, articles, white papers, and website content that will give you the flavor of her writing and an idea of what she can do for you.

Articles and Blogs

Coventry Direct

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SynaVista is a leading Internet marketing firm based in Northern Virginia. Laura has contributed articles for several of their clients' content market programs as well as website rewrites. The SynaVista projects have included: 

Summit Insurance Services, LLC website content.

Cancer Care Insurance

Cancer Slideshow 1.jpg

To develop usable, relevant content to capture prospects for an insurance client, TPG Direct hired Laura Longley to write an ebook, slideshow, and series of blogs. The subject matter ranged from which foods will help keep you cancer free to how specially trained dogs can sniff out cancer. Slideshow: How to Fight Cancer: Eat the Right Foods  Blogs: The Pros and Cons of Genetic Testing, Can Fido Protect You From Cancer?, What’s Cancer Care Coverage?

White Papers & Reports

Mastering Health Insurance Marketing in the Age of Health Care Reform

As the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges were opening in Fall 2013, TPG Direct decided it was a good time to get in front of their health insurance prospects and existing clients, including Florida Blue, Blue Shield of California, and Geisinger Gold. The goal: to reaffirm TPG’s trusted advisor status and role as valuable marketing partner. Laura Longley's assignment was to create a mid-funnel ebook that explored strategies and tactics for market size, personas, segmenting, auditing, and forecasting.  Mastering Health Insurance Marketing in the Age of Health Care Reform: Health Insurance Marketing Update: Q4 2013.

Gaining the Arts Advantage: Lessons From School Districts That Value Arts Education

Laura Longley's clients for this project were the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and the Arts Education Partnership. It was sponsored by the GE Fund, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, White House Millennium Council, and U.S. Department of Education

From scores of storage boxes containing hundreds of interviews with arts teachers, school principals and superintendents, parents and community leaders across the country, Laura winnowed the lot to 91 school districts that best demonstrated the value of arts in education in America’s schools. She wrote profiles of 86 school districts and case studies on five of them. She also directed design, printing, distribution, and coordination for the White House release of this seminal national study. Click here to read the report.

Oral Histories of Marine Corps Generals

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense, Creative Options D.C. recruited Laura Longley to edit more than 10,000 pages comprising the oral histories of 40 Marine Corps generals who served the nation between World War I and the Vietnam War. 


Books and Magazines

Weider History Group

For the Weider History Group, publisher of military history magazines and websites, Laura Longley consulted on the relaunch of Civil War Times and America’s Civil War and served for two years as acting editor.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post Magazine: As editor of The Washington Post Magazine, Laura developed more than 150 issues of the Sunday magazine over a three-year period. In a fast-paced environment, she managed  a team of writers, editors, and art directors while coordinating with the Post advertising and production departments. She also commissioned articles, photography, and illustrations from a host of freelance talents.

Washington Post Writers Group: Working with William B. Dickinson, Jr., former editor of Congressional Quarterly, Laura helped launch the Washington Post Writers Group with just two columnists, David S. Broder and George F. Will. Today, as part of the Washington Post News Service & Syndicate, the group represents many of the country’s most respected voices on U.S. and world affairs. 

The Writers Group also became the internal book publishing unit of the Washington Post Company. As associate editor, Laura developed Keeping Posted: 100 Years of News from The Washington Post and The Washington Post Guide to Washington (Simon & Schuster). The work with lasting impact has been the three-book college series on journalism:  Writing in StyleThe Editorial Page, and Of the Press, By the Press, For the Press, recently recommended as summer reading by the Nieman Foundation Lab. 

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

As communications director, Laura Longley developed the Center's content strategy, which encompassed the administration, marketing, development, and education departments as well as the National Symphony Orchestra. To deliver on the strategy, she created an in-house advertising/publishing agency, launched a marketing magazine called Kennedy Center News, established its institutional style manual, and branded the Center with an enduring logo.

 Magazine Writing

As a ghostwriter for many clients, Laura has written features, columns, and editorials that have appeared in such diverse media as BusinessWeek, Educational Leadership, and Symphony. Under her own byline, she has contributed to a range of publications, including Washingtonian and National Geographic.


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