Why Us?

We're not a content farm.

Yes, you can buy blogs one at a time from a "content farm" or go whole hog with an agency and an annual contract.

Or you could work with a cohesive group that provides you with relevant, original content aligned with your business goals. Laura Longley and her colleagues at Sarah Huntington Photography and The Lincoln Studios work together to create and deliver:


Smart, handsome, optimized, mobile-responsive, easy-to-maintain and update Squarespace websites plus access to low-cost, high-quality Getty images.


Professionally researched website content, articles, blogs, ebooks, white papers, slideshows, and newsletters.

Audio, Video, and Film 

Profiles, podcasts, interview clips, FAQs, speeches, Q & As, tributes, documentary productions, and more.


Original portraits and shoots on location—like the banner image above—by award-winning photographer Sarah Huntington.

So what's with the cows? Click here to read our blog on "The Power of Visual Storytelling" and find out. 

© Photograph by Sarah Huntington Photography