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New business principal for The Launch Firm, Laura Longley is a versatile content and website creator who works in fields as diverse as the arts, financial planning, insurance, media, marketing, business, education, associations, charitable nonprofits, preservation, the environment, and the federal government. To see her recent writing and website development work, click on the links or on her logo, below.

Since she established her independent communications consultancy in 1994, Laura has worked for—and learned from—a wide range of clients, including National Public Radio, Mosby Heritage Area Association, National Association for Music Education, National Business Education Association, Friends of Thomas Balch Library, The World Bank, Lincoln Preservation Foundation, Project Hope, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Purcellville Business Association, New Israel Fund, Audubon Naturalist Society, Fund for Arts and Culture in Eastern and Central Europe, Sidwell Friends School, Washington Speakers Bureau, and the Issue Management Council.

In her previous employment, she served as communications director of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and became a content strategist before the term was coined. In addition to directing public relations for programming, she developed cross-institutional communications that encompassed marketing, development, and education as well as the National Symphony Orchestra. To deliver on the strategy, she created an in-house advertising and publishing agency, launched a marketing magazine called Kennedy Center News, branded the Center with an enduring logo, and established its style manual. 

She also brings clients the essential research and reporting skills of a journalist, having worked as a Washington Post editor in three different capacities:

  • Partner in the launch of the syndicate of columnists called the Washington Post Writers Group
  • Editor of several Washington Post books, including a series on journalism
  • Editor of The Washington Post Magazine

A recipient of the Walter Williams Award for outstanding magazine writing given by her alma mater, the University of Missouri, Laura has written for such diverse periodicals as National GeographicEducational Leadership, BusinessWeek, and Washingtonian. 


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Sarah Huntington Photography

When Sarah Huntington shoots you, you live forever.

There are many professional photographers who make handsome portraits that will please and preserve the subject. Sarah's portraits do and say more: They tell stories, ask questions, raise eyebrows, bring joy, arouse wonder, and instill respect. She makes each of her subjects unpretentiously compelling.  

That's why Sarah Huntington's work is perfect for content marketing. Her images make you and your company's digital presence come alive while your competitors settle for less—and it shows. 

And not only will you want her to be the photographer looking through the lens for your company portraits, you also will want her to be the videographer behind the camera for your corporate storytelling. (See The Lincoln Studios, below.) 

Sarah is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C.  Her studio is located in the town of Purcellville in Loudoun County, Virginia, where she has been voted “Best Photographer in Loudoun County” by the readers of Leesburg Today for 10 consecutive years.

Preview her work here. Or visit her website by clicking on the logo. 

Audio, Video, and Film

The Lincoln Studios

This accomplished team brings your stories to life—stories of local civic leaders, regional financial planners, national foundations, law firms, arts groups, government agencies, and businesses small and large. They capture them in compelling website profiles and lively interviews, in video commemorations and oral histories, conference presentations and speaking engagements, and in documentaries such as Nichols: The Last Hardware Store, which preserved the people and character of a 100-year-old community institution for all time.

Who's Who At The Lincoln Studios

Drew Babb. Photograph by Sarah Huntington

Drew Babb. Photograph by Sarah Huntington

Drew Babb is an award-winning advertising creative director and screenwriter. His one-man show, "The 100 Greatest TV Spots of All Times," has been presented at colleges, universities, art schools, museums and film festivals. A graduate, with bachelor and masters degrees, of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, he grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he spent his high school and college summers as a costumed guide. He is The Lincoln Studiios' creative director, writer, and often directs its videos.

Peter Buck. Photograph by Sarah Huntington

Peter Buck. Photograph by Sarah Huntington

Peter Buck is a videographer and post production editor who pursued a significant career with defense contractor giant EDS before he launched his own videography business. Besides directing and post producing videos, documentaries, and public service announcements, Peter has directed two feature films. One of them, Throw a Few Things on the Ground, was filmed in Africa in French and subtitled in English as well as a number of tribal languages. Peter grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and has lived in Iran, Kuwait, and England. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia; after college he served as a U.S. Navy officer. 

Sarah Huntington is a photographer who shoots portraits that move people. Now she's shooting moving pictures as a videographer. She is also The Lincoln Studios' executive producer. One of her signature achievements was co-shooting and raising funds to produce Nichols: The Last Hardware Store, a documentary about Nichols Hardware, a 100-year-old mercantile establishment in Northern Virginia. 

View The Lincoln Studios' portfolio here or click on the logo to visit the site.

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© All photographs by Sarah Huntington Photography