Website Pricing

Once upon a time a website was a digital brochure.

Not anymore.

Today a website is where you tell your story—and update it everyday. It’s your media, marketing, commerce, and communications center. It’s your business headquarters, publishing house, news distributor, information exchange, idea generator, fulfillment house, post office, integrator of apps and all things social. And, through analytics, it’s where you can turn to learn how well you're doing in achieving your goals.

The changing world and purpose of websites is all the more reason to think, or rethink, what your site has been, what it is, and what you need it to be able to do today and tomorrow.

That means, when you're thinking about a new or renewed website, it's important to assess what you have and what you need and why. You need to think in terms of audience and device preference, content and function, security, hosting, email, mobile-responsiveness, SEO, and much more.

Where to begin?

We start with a Consultation.

It's one hour, at no charge.

We’ll want to learn about you, your business, your challenges, your goals, your marketing communications strategy, your experience with your website, your timelines, what your competitors are doing, what kinds of changes you want to make, what’s in your budget, who would participate in the site development and approval process, and anything else you think it would be helpful for us to know to do our best by you.

If you decide to go forward with us . . .

We will do a Needs Analysis.

We charge a flat fee of $150 to review and make recommendations on your needs in the areas of:

  • Website marketing strategy
  • Site performance (analytics review)
  • Content and design
  • Commerce (products, services)
  • Social links/integration
  • SEO
  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Analytics
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

After your review of the Needs Analysis and our receipt of payment, at your request we will prepare a scope of work and budget for your approval.

We offer websites at three price points.

Start-Up Site: $995

5-Page Site (Home, About, Services, FAQs or Blog, Contact)

  • Content: Curating, organizing, editing, rewriting, recropping existing content (from brochures, slideshows, current site—in digital format) for reuse in new site: $300
  • Design and Site Development on Squarespace CMS with built-in SEO—$100 per page ($500 total)
  • One round of client design and content review prior to approval—$95
  • Domain mapping and hosting, social media accounts setup: $100.

Additional: Extra rounds of client reviews, edits, changes @ $55 per hour

For optional Features and Services, below, ask us for a quote.

10-Page Site

White-Glove Website Service


Optional Features and Services (ask for quote):

  • Original writing/photography/video
  • Audio/Video Research and/or Production
  • Images Research and Acquisition
  • Custom CSS (Code)
  • PDF attachments
  • Forms
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Calls to Action
  • Landing Pages
  • Google Maps
  • Mailing List/integration with Mail Chimp
  • Blog
  • Commenting
  • Galleries: Images, Audio, Video files
  • Dropbox File Synchronization
  • PayPal/Stripe Integration
  • Amazon Associate Support
  • Facebook Page Integration
  • RSS Syndication
  • Social Connections (link accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Dropbox, Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, 500px, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, Behance, Meetup, Vine, Yelp, and more)

Content Pricing

Content Creation

Blogs—600-800 words: $125

Articles—up to 1,500 words $220

Enewsletters—starting at $300

White Papers—starting at $1,500

Ebooks, researched, written, illustrated, and designed—2,000 words at $2,000

Ebooks are high-value, multipurpose marketing assets that can be promoted as offers through email marketing and social media to bring prospects and customers to your site. There site visitors can download the ebook after entering key marketing information, such as name, email address, etc. The ebook can be repurposed as a series of articles and blogs, regularly updated and/or expanded for new offers. (See examples at HubSpot.)

Email Marketing—starting at $350.

We can set up and link to your website a basic email marketing account for you with a provider such as Constant Contact, Emma, and MailChimp. For email content marketing strategy, list development and management, scheduling, and analytics, our fee starts at $300.

Social Media—starting at $250 per account.

We will set up your social media account(s)—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.— for your business with SEO-enhanced bios, banner images, contact information, settings (for security, comments, etc.), and links to/from your website.

Pricing for Photography

Original Photography

Sarah Huntington Photography charges:

  • Headshots—$150
  • Portraits—starting at $200
  • Location shoots—starting at $300

Stock Photography

We research and handle permissions and licensing of stock photography as needed for a fee of $30 per image. Our preferred provider is Getty Images, which offers high quality stock for website use through Squarespace at the modest, one-time per website licensing fee of $10. Examples on this website are the photos of spider webs.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Video and Audio

We can upload and embed video and audio you own or license to your online media (website, blogs, social media, etc.). We can link to YouTube and iTunes content. And/or we can create original products specific to your business. 


The Lincoln Studios charges for original content:

Audio- and Videotaping: $150 per hour, minimum 3 hours

Post Production: $150 per hour, minimum 6 hours

Client Coaching (recommended): $100 

Click here to request an estimate for your video project.

Audio Production

The Lincoln Studios can meet many of your audio needs—taping your speaking engagements, commissioning and recording music, creating podcasts, and more.